Another Preview and Credits

We are very excited about the release of our new album TOMORROW! So, here’s another track we’re making available early, courtesy of Soundcloud. This one is called “We Are Not Alone” and features beautiful backing vocals by the hugely talented Stephanie Davis, who sang on several tracks from You Must Contribute, Brain! and two from All The Rivers In Hades. There’s some dark stuff on the new album that reflects our sense of the world over the past few years, but this song has a little bit of sweetness to it, maybe even a kind of optimism. Please enjoy!

Also, for the curious, here’s the track listing and credits for the album.

  1. The Future Sucks (Circa 2017)
  2. World Weary
  3. Boomers 
  4. Lube Up Your Guns 
  5. That Fascist Feeling 
  6. I Forget Everything 
  7. Going To Grasmere / Helvellyn
  8. Misterioso
  9. I’m Gonna Do It
  10. Happy Planet
  11. We Are Not Alone
  12. Six Years (Circa 1993)
  13. Another Hope  

Produced by Daniel Robinson

Mixed by Daniel Robinson

Mastered by Joe Lambert

Album sequenced by Mark Graybill

Made mostly in Delco, PA

Mark Graybill: electric guitars, acoustic guitars on “Going To Grasmere.”

Daniel Robinson: pick slide, vocals, bass guitars, electric and acoustic guitars, keyboards, MIDI sequencing, percussion.

Tommy Traddles: drums.

Featuring Pat Manley: lead vocal on “World Weary”; co-lead vocal on “I’m Gonna Do It”; backing vocals on “The Future Sucks (Circa 2017),” “That Fascist Feeling,” and “Six Years (Circa 1993); electric guitar on “I’m Gonna Do It”; electric and acoustic guitars on “Six Years (Circa 1993).”

Additional Musicians

Hammond organ on “World Weary” by Pee Wee Durante. Horns on “Boomers” arranged and performed by Will Allen Jr. Additional vocals on “Lube Up Your Guns” by Wayne LaPierre. Tenor saxophone on “Lube Up Your Guns,” “Helvellyn,” and “Misterioso” by Kevon Scott. Recitation on “I Forget Everything” by Xander Berkeley. Cello on “Helvellyn” by Erica Ransbottom. Aeolian Harp on “Misterioso” recorded by Ralf Kleemann. Additional vocals on “Misterioso” and “We Are Not Alone” by Stephanie Davis. Piano on “I’m Gonna Do It,” “Happy Planet,” and “Six Years (Circa 1993)” by Barry Cornwall. Additional vocals on “Happy Planet” by Sarah Robinson. 

“The Future Sucks (Circa 2017),” “Boomers,” “Lube Up Your Guns,” “I Forget Everything,” “Happy Planet,” and “We Are Not Alone” by Daniel Armstrong Robinson; “World Weary” by Mark Graybill and Pat Manley; “That Fascist Feeling,” “Helvellyn,”  and “Another Hope” by Mark Graybill and Daniel Armstrong Robinson; “Going To Grasmere” by Mark Graybill; “Misterioso” by Greg Leadbetter and Daniel Armstrong Robinson; “I’m Gonna Do It” by Pat Manley and Daniel Armstrong Robinson; “Six Years (Circa 1993)” by Rob Butler and Daniel Armstrong Robinson. © 2021 Full Frontal Publishing ASCAP

Cover image by JR Korpa

℗ 2021 Milton Music

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