New Album In Progress

Just wanted to let folks know that Smart Barker is deep into work on our next album. We’re pleased to announce that the title of the album will be “All The Rivers In Hades.” It is our tradition that the album title be derived from the lead track’s lyrics (excepting Triumvirate of course). Currently, we are set on 13 tracks. The record will feature three previously released songs—”The Future Sucks,” “Going To Grasmere,” and “I’m Gonna Do It”—but in new and improved versions. Most of the recording is complete, with some mixing already underway.

All The Rivers In Hades will feature the return of Pat Manley to the collective. He sings lead on a new song, “World Weary,” which he co-wrote with guitarist Mark Graybill,” and shares lead vocals with me on “I’m Gonna Do It.” Plus, he does some backup vocals and some guitar. Not only is this the first of our albums to include songs that I don’t sing lead on, this is also the first album to include songs written or co-written by Mark—although any of our listeners will recognize his invaluable creative contributions to every one of our songs. We are pleased to have some special guest musicians performing on the record too and will recognize them as soon as the roster is complete.

The record also continues our tradition of having a song that was adapted from a poem—this time it is “Misterioso,” based on the poem of that title by poet Gregory Leadbetter. Previous adaptations include “To Jane,” co-written with Percy Bysshe Shelley, “The Gods Have Given Up On Immortality,” co-written with Dan Albergotti, and “Brain!” co-written with Robert Southey. We seem to be alternating between collaborations with poets dead and those living.

Anyway, I better get back to work on it. Thanks for reading!

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