New Single!

Smart Barker has just released a new single: “To Jane (2017 version)” features a (greatly improved) new vocal and a few little tweaks; it is backed with a brand-new instrumental song, “Going to Grasmere.” These are probably the best-sounding records I’ve produced yet!

To Jane cover

Notes: original recording of “To Jane” produced by Harris London. Performed by Martin Evans (drums), Mark Graybill (electric guitar), Pat Manley (acoustic guitar), and Daniel Robinson (fretless bass guitar, keyboards, percussion programming, vocals). New version produced by Nosnibor. “To Jane” by Daniel Armstrong Robinson adapted from lyrics by Percy Bysshe Shelley. ⓒ 2017 Daniel Armstrong Robinson / Full Frontal Publishing ASCAP

“Going To Grasmere” produced by Nosnibor. Performed by Mark Graybill (acoustic guitars), Daniel Robinson (bass guitar, keyboards, percussion programming), Tommy Traddles (drums). “Going To Grasmere” by Mark Graybill.  ⓒ 2017 Mark Graybill / Full Frontal Publishing ASCAP

Ⓟ 2017 Milton Music / Daniel Armstrong Robinson

Purchase the single at iTunes.

Purchase the singe at Amazon.


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