Smart Barker is putting the finishing touches on its new record, Triumvirate—Falgie, Graybill, Robinson. The idea behind the record is to capture what we really sound like—especially since our last two albums feature pretty elaborate arrangements and songs that we can’t play. It’s a mix of songs from the MDP era (albums soon to be rebranded under the new name), with more from the first record, What Is All This Sweet Work Worth?, because we made that before Bob joined the band. There are a few surprising re-arrangements and a couple of interesting covers—including a tribute to another power trio (“triumvirate” get it?) The Police. The track listing is as follows:

  1. Heathen Eden
  2. Truth Hits Everybody
  3. Brain!
  4. Perfect Breasts
  5. My Head Is Bowed
  6. Only Son
  7. Nude For Satan
  8. The Gods Have Given Up On Immortality | We Belong Together
  9. Theodicy Club
  10. Have You Been Around?
  11. Coward Of The Conscience
  12. Not To Talk

No overdubs, warts and all, recorded in Bob’s basement, Triumvirate actually sounds great—like a band re-energized and ready to conquer the world!

Still mixing, but soon.

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