Grasmere 2011

The latest collection of papers from the Wordsworth Summer Conference is now available. Grasmere 2011, compiled by Richard Gravil, includes my paper “Wordsworth’s Sonnets, Newspaper Verse, and ‘the Moving Accident.'” Again, I am honored for my work to appear among these excellent papers by distinguished scholars.

  • Ann Wroe, The Necessity of Atheism: 200 Years Young
  • Stephen Gill, ‘Two Consciousnesses’: Wordsworth’s Sequels
  • Mark J. Bruhn, An Independent Mind? Wordsworth’s Dualism
  • Madeleine Callaghan, Shelley and the Ambivalence of Idealism
  • Jacob Risinger, Wordsworth’s Commanding Eminence: Self-Government and Stoic Outlook in The Excursion
  • Jessica Fay, Wordsworth’s Poetic Cells: Hermits, Silence, and Language
  • Matthew Rowney, Where the Wheel Isn’t: the Peripatetic in ‘The Old Cumberland Beggar’ and ‘The Solitary Reaper’
  • Gregory Leadbetter, Wordsworth’s ‘Untrodden Ways’: Death, Absence and the Space of Writing
  • Daniel Robinson, Wordsworth’s Sonnets, Newspaper Verse, and the ‘Moving Accident’
  • Mary A. Favret, The General Fast and Humiliation
  • Monika Class, Coleridge and Phrenology
  • Stacey McDowell, The Playwright Keats Might Have Been
  • Richard Gravil, Mr Thelwall’s Ear; or, hearing The Excursion
  • Felicity James, Writing Female Biography: Mary Hays and the Life-Writing of Religious Dissent

You can purchase the e-book by clicking here or the paperback by clicking here.

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