Mary Robinson MS finished!

I finished writing the MR book! It is the first book-length study of Robinson’s poetry. The MS is now at Palgrave Macmillan and will be published within a few months. Here’s the jacket description:

The Poetry of Mary Robinson: Form and Fame presents an ambitious poet with a keen sense of tradition and technique and a woman writer invested in her own poetic proteanism. Mary Robinson’s formal strategies put her in direct competition with her male predecessors and contemporaries, a program she was particularly suited to fulfill given the sophisticated sense of form, genre, and gender that makes her one of the most accomplished poets of the 1790s. The definitive study of Robinson’s poetry, The Poetry of Mary Robinson: Form and Fame offers a comprehensive analysis of her work, studying her poems in the instant of their publicity and in their literary, social, and political contexts, while exploring Robinson’s representation of herself as a poet, professional author, and erstwhile celebrity. Examining Mary Robinson in relation to such poets as Petrarch, Pope, Robert Merry (“Della Crusca”), Southey, and Coleridge, Daniel Robinson sheds new light on Robinson’s importance to the literary scene of the 1790s and on poetic practice during the Romantic period.

I couldn’t have finished the book without having had the opportunity to work at the University of Nebraska while participating in Steve Behrendt’s NEH seminar, “The Aesthetics of British Romanticism, Then and Now.” I wrote most of the book during those five weeks in Lincoln. Many thanks to Steve and my new friends from the seminar.